Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pet Barrier Hidden Dog Fence.

A perfect solution to keep your dog safely at home.

A Pet Barrier Hidden Dog Fence is designed to stop dogs jumping the fence, stop dogs digging in the garden or running through open gates. At last, there is no need for ugly fences a Radio dog fence can do the job for you to keep your pet safe.

An escaping dog can cause a lot of problems; and the owner is responsible for the result. Being picked up by a shire ranger, ending up at the vet, causing a car accident or being lost forever.

There are many devices available that are designed to stop a dog escaping and keep your pet safe. A Pet Barrier hidden fence, cat containment system and indoor dog deterrents help make owning a pet easier.

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Matching the right product to your dog and your property will save a lot of of unnecessary costs and frustrations.

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With so many options available, it is very important to get the right match for your dog. Each dog is different and so is the environment it lives in and the reason they are escaping.

Some options available for different hidden fences.

  • Pet Barrier – Skedaddle The skedaddle is a small wireless fence radio transmitter designed to create a virtual fence around a small area. Just plug it into any powerpoint and pop an instant small pet barrier. This easy to use indoor unit can be placed in the area you want to protect. It emits a radio signal directly from the transmitter without the use of boundary wire. 

    Pet Barrier Transmitters
The transmitter sends the radio signal down the pet barrier wire and controls the depth of the radio signal that projects from the wire. A wire allows you to contour the area to give your dog maximum use of the yard. Protect and isolate internal gardens and narrow paths.

Pet Barrier – Hidden Dog Fence

Designed to stop dogs jumping the fence, digging in the garden, running through open gates or garages and to keep dog off gardens. It uses a unique Coded Digital FM radio frequency that will allow small areas to be protected from a digging dog.
  1. Hidden Dog Fence:  Sends a radio signal down a wire that runs around the property. A radio signal is emitted from the wire to cover an area or a fence line. Once the dog moves near the area of the hidden fence or if the dog crosses the boundary of the fence, he will receive a mild static pulse from the electronic fence collar. This stimulation is harmless but will help keep your dog away from the area. It is available for all sized dogs and uses programmable levels to help train the dog.

Wireless Dog Fence.

  1. It is an electronic radio fence that is designed to keep your dogs within the boundaries of a circular radio signal. Care needs to be taken with wireless fence systems around metal objects that could cause signal interference to the household or cause false corrections.

Stop dog escapingEach dog is different, so are the reasons they escape and how easy it is to escape. Choosing the right Pet Barrier for your dog and your property will mean many years of trouble free dog ownership. Get the right advice and select a system with the flexibility to meet your dogs changing needs.
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